Quality that makes people likely to believe or acceptance of something they credentials (for something) qualities, achievements, qualification.

Nepal Nursing Council is authorative body of ensuring quality of nursing and midwifery education. All the nursing and midwifery education institutions are to follow the rules and regulation provided by Nursing Council Act to ensure/ maintain quality of the program.

Feasibility study for establishment of program counseling to the affiliation authorities, accreditation of the program, name registration are some of the quality mechanism applied by NNC for ensuring the quality of nursing and midwifery education. Licensing examination can be conducted for new graduates for the first name registration.

The graduates from only that institution which had been fulfilling all the quality control mechanism process are eligible to attend the name registration process and procedure otherwise the NNC may not be accountable to such graduates from which do not meet the criteria.

Credentials/ Credence Links:

- Feasibility
- Grant of Accreditation/ Recognition
- Accreditation
- Licensing